Single Albums

13th Single Album, 등불이 되어 Be the Lamp of God

12th Single Album, 주를 향한 감사 Gratitude to the Lord

11th Single Album,  오늘 이곳에 Holy Spirit Come in This Place

10th Single Album, 예수 하나님의 아들 Jesus, Son of God

9th Single Album, 은혜 속에 Living in Grace

8th Single Album, 그 밤은 어땠을까 The Night of Christmas

7th Single Album, 사랑의 노래 Song of Love

6th Single Album, 그 이름 부를 때 Call His Name

5th Single album, 십자가의 은혜 Grace At The Cross 

4th Single,  Joyful Christmas

 3rd Single ,  감사의 노래 Give Thanks

2nd Single,  Psalm 23 시편 23편

1st Single, Into Your Heart, At This Moment 이 시간 너의 맘 속에